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Hello everyone, Im glad to accoune that PHPNUKE-CLAN.NET has released their first commercial theme! It mas designed by me (mad-d702) and it was developed by and for PHPNUKE-CLAN.NET Comercial THEMES! This theme is called PNC-Darkwar. It is darkish colored themed in couple different games, however as for now we have released only 1 version of it for Battlefield 2, some other versions will include such games as Call of Duty, Half-Life, Counter Strike, Multigaming and much more if requested. This theme has vwar integrated in the header, and has a custom forum navigation. Some addons such as flash navigation, splash page, shoutbox etc will be made later on for an additional price. Also custom work will be taken for request for additional price as well. This theme costs only $29.99.

Theme in Action!
You can buy this theme here!

PHPNUKE-CLAN.NET Has more gaming themes on its way so check it out. Thank you verymuch for taking your time and reading this.

Article submitted by: Mad-d702
Last Update: 02-13-2007
Category: PHP Nuke Themes

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