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Antonio -
Post subject: Donate block - Currency symbol
Many thanks for the Donate module.
There is a small problem in the Donate block for administrators that are using a non USA currency symbol. To include the currency/country prf. required open the block-donations.php file and replace the symbol $ on the following lines:

LINE 28 - ( $ in bold)

$content .= "$ <input type=\"text\" name=\"amount\" size=\"6\" value=\"$value_settings[mval]\"><br /><small>"._DONAMOUNTEXPTYPE."</small></td></tr>\n";

LINE 36 - ( $ in bold)

$content .= "$ <SELECT NAME=amount>\n";

LINE 93 - ( $ in bold)

$donated = " - $".number_format($row['donated']);

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Telli -
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Thanks I will add a language define for it.
webshark -
Post subject: re: Donate block - Currency symbol
thx antonio

Telli plz update it in news so we all can know its updated and redownload it

p.s :Thanks God Telli get bored from CZDonate block and made it public icon_mrgreen.gif
p.s 2 :God you know we still wait that Telli get bored from his news block and make it public icon_wink.gif
Telli -
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Its fixed. You will need to reupload the modules/ folder and the blocks/ folder.


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