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DW-UTScissor PHPNuke Theme

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PHPNuke - Unreal Tournament Theme

Trunks@Designwicked.com has now released DW-UTScissor PHPNuke Theme

It will be added to the shop for a price of $30 per person.
Why is this theme more expencive than the rest? I thought DW kept its priced rock bottom.

Correct.. we do pride ourselves on low prices.



What you get for your money:

100% Width Theme (Fits ALL browser Resolutions)
Flash Navigation
Theme Control Panel (Allowing YOU to add your own links!)
Scrolling Announcement In Header (Changeable In Theme Control Panel)
Matching Forums And icons


Click Here To Preview - Select UTScissor



Article submitted by: Telli
Last Update: 01-26-2008
Category: PHP Nuke Themes

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