News Stories Archive: December 2004

· Ducks at a Distance Module120082004-12-31
· Themes Reseller Open for Business....100862004-12-31
· New Public Theme by Brian (
· Nuke Community Demo Site Added To...114072004-12-28
· Rank & Rating Icons134682004-12-28
· A few more days left for the CZ Giveaways...123172004-12-27
· PHPNuke search engine optimization or how to...115232004-12-27
· Inferno(tm) Released110832004-12-26
· Flash Block-Firework and New Year Countdown123302004-12-25
· earn extra cash109662004-12-25
· PHP-Nuke Platinum v.7.6.0 Released126252004-12-25
· Merry Christmas from Codezwiz128342004-12-24
· Season Greetings107082004-12-24
· Right mouse button just for admin104792004-12-23
· (FIX INCLUDED) Santy Worm Defaces Web Forums116652004-12-21
· Codezwiz opens it's doors to advertisers.123852004-12-20
· New Demo Site Open for Everyones Use107372004-12-20
· Security Issues with the Attachment Mod 2.3.10107922004-12-19
· Codezwiz Opens New Giveaways Module111432004-12-19
· Microsoft Software to Remove Spyware (AP)111302004-12-17
· PHP 4.3.10 & 5.0.3 released!103712004-12-17
· In Brief: MySQL announces new affordable...99812004-12-17
· MySQL, RedHat and other partners started a new...100002004-12-17
· Game-Ladders.com116262004-12-17
· Submit your RSS/XML backend feeds113572004-12-16
· Digital Cameras Sales to Hit $24 Billion in 2004...109292004-12-16
· Report: Linux Market Poised for Takeoff...99562004-12-16
· IBM offers developers modeling transition tool...102522004-12-16
· Uncertain Landscape Ahead for Copyright...102872004-12-16
· Gov. Seeks Ban on Violent Video Games (AP)102042004-12-16
· Apple Sells 200 Million Songs on ITunes (Reuters)101112004-12-16
· MultiPlex theme pack105512004-12-16
· IDC predicts Linux market worth $35 billion by...99282004-12-16
· DoCoMo to Offer Overseas Roaming-Capable 3G...98292004-12-16
· Intel Acquires Chip Designers From HP (AP)95782004-12-16
· Technology Challenges Sprint-Nextel Merger (AP)103712004-12-16
· FCC to Allow Wireless Access on Planes (AP)95932004-12-16
· Yellow Pages V2 + Seasons Greetings103872004-12-16
· CZ ChristmasV2 Theme Released105152004-12-16
· Forum Moderators Needed104452004-12-16
· Zafi Worm Hides Behind Christmas Cheer103232004-12-15
· Hollywood sues computer server operators in major...98752004-12-15
· CZONIC Commercial Theme Released102642004-12-15
· BACK ONLINE100712004-12-14
· The Lorkan situation101892004-12-14
· Static-X Design Opens its Doors107242004-12-14
· Flash Header Contest $50.00109032004-12-14
· Stream News V4 Module104042004-12-13
· DR-Perfections Released101732004-12-13
· 4 new plublic themes for dl109782004-12-12
· Hannukah Theme Released107802004-12-10
· Protecting admin.php from Google116402004-12-09
· NSN Downloads +106042004-12-08
· Christmas greetings cards for prisoners of...138822004-12-06
· PHP Security Breach112982004-12-05
· is back103322004-12-04
· Shunt Theme Released on Lorkan Themes103812004-12-01

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