CSS Hacks will work with IE7 ?

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By Dave Shea

With the imminent launch of IE7 your usual CSS hacking methods are going to fail. If you want to save web design, as we know it, it’s time to take some drastic action.

CSS has experienced a colourful and unusual history. From historic slow adoption to the current slow rate of development, ugly hacks have meant filling in the gaps is par for the course.

With CSS1, we had a simple and elegant styling language that was supposed to be friendly to even non-programmers. Hence decisions like, say, lack of variables and constants, or conditional logic. (My kingdom for an if statement!)

Then CSS2 came along and provided us with some powerful layout tools. Except some browsers completely disagreed on how to implement them (the box model and floats are two examples that come to mind). Us web designers took care of that problem however, thanks to our lovely CSS hacks and filters. Using perfectly valid CSS, we were able to exploit a browser’s parsing error and specifically serve (or hide) our CSS to it. Problem solved. Lucky us.

But now that Internet Explorer 7 is looming, we’re getting ready to deal with the first really major upgrade to a browser’s rendering engine since we’ve started using CSS-based layouts in earnest. (The launch of Safari didn’t really count, since it was so capable right out of the gate.) The truth is that when IE 7 comes most of our usual hacking methods are going to fail. Afraid yet?

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Last Update: 04-25-2006
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