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By Michael Arrington

Photobucket, a very popular photo sharing service, is now distributing a custom version of the Flock Mozilla-based browser. A tour of the photo features of the browser is here. This comes less than a month after the release of the first public beta version of Flock .

The Photobucket version of the Flock browser is identical to the one available at, except that Flickr functionality has been stripped out, leaving Photobucket as the sole choice for photo integration. Details of the deal were not announced (in fact, the deal itself was not announced), but I assume that Flock is sharing search and other revenues streams generated by users of the browser with Photobucket. Based on unsubstantiated but largely circulated rumors around Firefox search revenue, the two companies can expect $2-3 per user per year from the partnership.

Given how closely Flock has integrated with Yahoo services in the main version of their browser (, Flickr and Yahoo Search), I would not be surprised to see a Yahoo version of Flock sometime soon.

<a href="" target="_blank">Check &Download Flock</a>
<a href="" target="_blank">Photobucket version of Flock</a>

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Last Update: 07-04-2006
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