Turkish Anatolian Leopard ; Pardus Root FileSystem

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A new distro from Turkey is going to be released very soon. Pardus, which gets is name from Anatolian Leopard, Panthera Pardus Tulliana, is being developed by TUBITAK (Turkey Scientific and Technical Research Assocation) to be used widely in Turkey specially. Altough the main aim of Pardus distro is to provide a national operating system for Turkey, developers also want to contribute with new tools, technologies and aspects to gnu/linux world. This Root FileSystem is to test how Pisi and Comar, which are brand new tools for package management and system configuration in a task-based and human-focused approach rather than a tool-based and technology-based one, works together. All developers are welcome to test, bug report and contribute as they like in project. You can find the project at their website: http://www.uludag.org.tr/eng/ You can download pardus from http://www.kolayphp.com or http://www.uludag.org Turkçe işletim sistemi pardus tüm yurk çapında dağıtımına başladı, ilgili linkleri http://www.uludag.org.tr/eng/ adresinden bulabilirsiniz

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Last Update: 12-27-2005
Category: Technology

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