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By Simon Aughton

Apple has introduced a new remote control for the iPod that includes an FM radio tuner.

The iPod Radio Remote is a wired remote control compatible with both the iPod nano and fifth generation iPods.

'The iPod Radio Remote combines two great features in one elegant product,' said Greg Joswiak, Apple's vice president of Worldwide iPod Product Marketing. 'The iPod Radio Remote is both the best remote control and the best FM radio listening experience for iPod.'Apple had previously scrapped the iPod remote while steadfastly ignoring calls for radio support to be added to the iPod range. Then again Steve Jobs once said that there was no interest in handheld video only to subsequently prove himself wrong.

The iPod Radio Remote includes a pair of Apple headphones with a shorter cable and is available immediately. The iPod screen displays station and song information for stations that support the Radio Data System (RDS).

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Last Update: 01-11-2006
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