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Did ya just get a custom theme made, or your making a custom theme. Now you can get a custom skinned MP3 player that matchs your themes perfectly. You can have it as a side block, center block, free standing, and sometimes even embeded into the header.
Now you can have a live streaming MP3 player that looks good, plays instantly without the visitors having to get some plugin(live realplayer, etc...). Use it to make announcementes, news articles, songs, or almost anything you can record. Any size, shape, style, color, or theme you choose.
Weve also just finished an X-box skin thats available for everyone.
If your a theme designer, contact us about making custom players to match your themes, then sale them as addons or custom works.
Post your request or see them all.................

Article submitted by: DAMIAN
Last Update: 02-11-2006
Category: Extra Stuff

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