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Setting Up Your MySQL & phpMyAdmin  Popular View
Description: Tutorial / How-To Setting Up Your MySQL & phpMyAdmin For The First Time This tutorial... [...]
Added on: 10-30-2004 Hits: 6852
Backup through phpmyadmin  Popular View
Description: Backup throught phpmyadmin Hello Telli you told me to submit itwhen i send feedback , i just... [...]
Added on: 10-05-2004 Hits: 6882
Reset all users themes to the default theme  Popular View
Description: How to set all users themes to the default theme This tip is useful if your deleting themes. Just... [...]
Added on: 06-05-2004 Hits: 7407
Reset all users avatars to the default  Popular View
Description: How to reset all users avatars to the default Very simple one line of code to reset all your users... [...]
Added on: 04-29-2004 Hits: 7316

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