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Submitted By:Taut
Date Added:04-27-2004 8:44:01

Different ways to use the listing codes

Using images for lists to replace bullets, circle, square, dots, etc

list-style-image: url(images/GRAPHIC.gif);

Apply that to either the entire list (the
    ) or the list item (
  • )

    So now you want to change the do that just the same way you'd change the color of any text:

    <ul style="color: #ff00cc;">

    If you want to just change the dot you have to apply the new color to the
  • and then change the color back. Here is how I made that list item with the dot pink and the text black:

    <ul style="color: #ff00cc;"><li><span style="color: #000000;">try me</span></ul>

    What if you want to change the style of that dot? You can change it to a square, or circle

    list-style-type: SHAPE

    Replace the "SHAPE" with the one you want.

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