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KB Article: Private Messages on any Page

Article:Private Messages on any Page     Popular
Submitted By:Telli
Date Added:04-29-2004 9:27:48

How to get the PM popup to open on any page in Nuke

By default the PM popup is set to only open in the phpBB forums page. This how to will let you put it where ever you want to. In this specific how to we will add it into a block.

Open any block used on your main page of Nuke find ?> and right before that add this:

    if ($userinfo['user_popup_pm'] && $userinfo['user_new_privmsg']) {
        echo "<script language=\"Javascript\" type=\"text/javascript\">
<!--'modules.php?name=Private_Messages&file=index&mode=newpm&popup=1', '', 'HEIGHT=225,resizable=yes,WIDTH=400');

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