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Article:Simple Matrix Effect     Popular
Submitted By:osmosis
Date Added:06-18-2004 3:47:40

Create a simple and very effective matrix effect in photoshop, in a very short time.

Step 1. Open photoshop, and press d, and then x on your keyboard to set your foreground image to white, and your background image to black.

Step 2. Create a new image, 200 pixels high and 200 pixels wide and a 72 resolution, with a white background, and make sure the mode is set to RGB.

Step 3. Click Filter --> Texture --> Grain, set the intensity and contrast to 100, and the grain type to verticle, and then click ok. This is going to be the "codes" of the the matrix, click ctrl + F to repeat this texture to get more "codes" if you wish.

Step 4. Click Filter --> Artistic --> Neon Glow, set the glow size to 5 and the glow brightness to 20, and change the glow colour to a green you like.

Step 5. Click filter --> Stylise --> Glowing Edges, set the edge width to 1, set the edge brightness between 4 and 10, depending on your taste and how many "codes" you have, and set the smoothness to 1. You "codes wil appear purple, dont worry this is normal.

Step 6. Click Ctrl + U, to bring up Hue/Saturation, tick the colourize box on the right hand side and change the hue and saturation bars accordingly to what colours you want.

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