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KB Article: How to Remove the Forum Header

Article:How to Remove the Forum Header     Popular
Submitted By:Telli
Date Added:06-19-2004 1:26:26

Removing the top table in the Forums that says "Sitename Forums"

Open page_header.php located in /includes/ in your nuke install directory.


if (!$is_inline_review & $mod_name != "Private Messages") {
title("$sitename: $mod_name");

Replace with:

//if (!$is_inline_review & $mod_name != "Private Messages") {
//title("$sitename: $mod_name");

Note: It is up to you whether you delete the code or replace it with //'s infront of it. Either way it will have the same effect. The //'s are just comment slashes, all that means is that the code in that line will be ignored.


Save and Upload.

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