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Article:88 x 31 banner adds     Popular
Submitted By:osmosis
Date Added:06-26-2004 2:37:05

Learn to make those little banners, that you see on this site in the resources and supporters blocks

Step1. Create a new image 88 x 31

Step2. Fill this image with whatever colour you like (or take a piece from a wallpaper you like. Im going to be using my Avatars character.

Step3. Once you have the background you want. Create a new layer, and make a selection about 88 x 15 on your image using the Rectangular Marquee Tool. then click Edit --> Fill, choose the colour as White, the blend mode as normal, and opacity to 50%.

Step4. Click Select --> Deselect, and then grab your pencil tool (right click the brush tool, and select the pencil) and change your foreground colour to black. Then draw a straight black line,along the outside of the white box (hold the shift key to draw a perfectly straight line icon_smile.gif)

Step5. Insert the text you want into this white box. Heres my final image,Its prety easy to get this effect, and very effective. Play around and see where you can take it.

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