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KB Article: Glint using and image

Article:Glint using and image     Popular
Submitted By:redhot_2oo3
Date Added:10-06-2004 2:19:01

How to apply the 'Glint' effect with an image rather than text.

You may have tried to apply the Glint effect to an image, even a transparent one, and found that it doesn't work. Thats because even a transparent gif imported into Flash isn't really transparent. The whole image has pixels, and therefore the whole thing glints rather than just the bits you intended.

The way around this is to break apart the image and erase the parts of the image you don't want to see with the eraser tool. It's tedious, and tricky, but it can be done.

This opens up the ability to glint decorative text created outside Flash, and objects such as swords, logo parts etc.

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