Review: Nearlly upon my 3 year mark of (free) membership, i find myself continually coming back to codezwiz when seeking help, or when seeking to help others. Anything ive encountered that seemed daunting or insurmountable the CZ staff have made, if not easy, then extremely doable lol. I try to learn a broad range of topics to do with web design be it HTML, PHP, Graphics in Photoshop (or other programs) or flash. And not only has Codezwiz got a help section for it, they seem to have people who are experts in the area of each. Couple this with probably the best hosting packages (Quality and Price) i've seen online, and the ability to purchase custom designs and scripts. Codezwiz truly is a unique source that if you havnt already joined, then your missing out.
Added: March 28th 2006
Reviewer: osmosis
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