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Ever since I got tired of using html to build websites and learned about php, or php-nuke, I had to do tons of searches to find out more about it. Time after time I was given the link to This was two years ago and I'm still coming here for my nuke needs. Wether it's for blocks to modules or themes to general help, Codezwiz has helped me out alot. I can honestly say that if it weren't for Codezwiz having content that intrigued me in the beggining I probably wouldn't still be designing websites and have one of my own today. This site is one of the 3 main sites I visit to get what I need for my web design or visit just to read what people are talking about in the forums. The way I see it, you should become familiar with Codezwiz because they are only going to grow larger in the ever growing php community.

I believe some gratitude is due here to all the people that work hard to provide such great help and web content for all of us to use for free. So thank you CodezWiz and keep up the good work! You still are and always will be one of my main one stop solutions to my website needs.
Added: October 31st 2005
Reviewer: Proxy
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