Review: When I was made admin of our league and given the responsibility of decorating and adding new things..I was in a panic ! I had no idea how to do these things..however I did work in PSP( Paint Shop Pro) and I knew how to do simple ( very simple ) html here I go ..after a month of tears..yelling at the husband..throwing things? ( I usually don't have this BAD of a temper) I came across a help site called CODEZWIZ ! It was a lifesaver for me..the people were so good in helping..and were usually very quick to come back with the answer I needed. From needing to learn the proper placement of the codes, to just begging someone to tell you that you really aren't an idiot and others have problems staff of CODEZWIZ was there to give answers..

niece57 ( admin of THUNDERPOOL LEAGUE )
Added: November 20th 2005
Reviewer: Niece57
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