Review: I'm an Admin on a myleague ladder, after the person who was responsible for the main page left the league, I was given the job! Having never used html before I was daunted to say the least, but thanks to Admins101, they helped with the basic codes and I started to make our league page look a little different than the boring plain ones that you start with. However, there were still things that I was unsure of, but thanks to a link on Admins101 I found Codezwiz, and what a godsend it is. I have posted a few questions and problems and within a couple of days (usually hours) someone has responded and helped me - even making some of the things for my page, and through there help I am now learning more and more. I won't ever be the greatest person where html is concerned, but they have given me the confidence to experiment and try things out, and I know if I completely mess up I have Codezwiz to fall back on. I don't think it's too strong to say that I wouldn't manage without them...A big THANKS to all who give up their time to help "html newbies" like me
Added: November 29th 2005
Reviewer: a_phoenix67
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