Review: I think its great that there are people all over that are willing to help others with all levels and skills. It is a learning experience and it surely helps that there is a spot you can go to for help !!

So yes it is greatly appreciated.

I am often amazed by the impact free help has. A lot of peploe find the internet to be bad but why do they never see it from the point of view how much more the borders are brought open and contacts all over all possible. Look like here all over the world people come for help and or to help.

To make use of great downloads that some one has put in a great deal of time and effort and all that for free. I surely find the possitive side of it should be more brought into the light too!

I would like to finish with way to go and thank you !!
Added: December 7th 2005
Reviewer: Fruity
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