Review: For the most part I've found your site very helpful! I've found that the forums are hard to search since there is no search link easily identifiable. I think it should be more pronounced since everyone expects posters in the forum to search for answers to their questions before posting. I also think that when someone first enters the forum they should have a layout of where everything is. I personally have a hard time finding where I want to go. The content of the site is great! I really have no complaints about that. As a web site designer with a degree I'd like to see a place where someone might be able to apply to make web sites to sell on your site. I've looked at your layouts for sale and think I could contribute an exciting variety to them. I have yet to find out if this is a possiblity. Again I can't find it. I do appreciate the help you provide to those of us new to the myleague admin teams. Learning the layouts and rules is difficult and being solely responsible for the pages is a daunting task without sites like yours designed to help us!
Added: February 23rd 2006
Reviewer: cantes903
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