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Giveaways Universal (Pro)

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Built on the same base as the Giveaways (Regular), It runs an internal Raffle/Drawing system that can be initiated by the admin or automatically. It emails the winners and also produces the link to the prize for them to claim. Lots and lots of checks for multiple entries. Very easy to use interface. You can can set it to let you upload the images and prizes or just enter the URL to them. Giveaways Pro offers you the choice or charging for entries into the Giveaways. PayPal has been integrated with IPN so payments are automatic.
Options include:
- Set maximum amount of days they can receive the prize.
- Set maximum amount of times they can receive the prize.
- Set maximum amount of times they can enter per prize.
- Set maximum amount of users that can enter per prize.
- Set number of winners per prize.
- Run in auto mode or when administration wants to run it.
- Database archiver for archiving the winners.
- Universal! Will work on any Nuke Version above 6.5.
- PayPal IPN integrated.(PayPal accepts all major credit cards and e-checks)
- Single Site License
plus a whole lot more :-)

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