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Shadow designs so fare has conquered the php-nuke themes and we think it is time to take it up a level. We will be converting all our themes to php-platinum and php-evolution in the next year. These will include a splash page and as much flash as we can. As we are advancing to new territory so we will design and making even better php-nuke themes. These php-nuke themes won’t be like any ordinary theme these themes will include a theme cpanel that will give you access to edit parts of your theme with out touching any coding. Want to help or need support now So Fare we have converted all of our free themes to php-platinum and hopefully will be converting them to php-evolution in the next 3 months. At the moment we have one theme that is available in php-nuke and php-evolution in our store this theme is called Elziber Elziber is the next generation of themes for PHP-nuke. Elziber Includes a flash login in the header, and the new custom made theme admin system! This theme admin system installs on to your site to give you many options with your theme. Theme options are: Manage the 5 links in that are in the header to anything you want, Disable Right click (Admin or Guest), add your own Right click Message, Disable Select All and encrypt your web site. You can view our progress at  you can also get support on coding or converting all you have to do is just ask. Support us today Main community: Main Store :

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Last Update: 04-13-2006
Category: PHP Nuke Themes

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