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So I have been rather busy over the last few months with normal life and have not been able to make many themes, I tried to set myself a goal of at least 1 new theme a month which ive been achieving.

Some of the latest themes, all compatible with Standard Nuke, PNC, Ravens Nuke, Nuke Evolution and Evo Xtreme are:

World of Warcraft Theme - Version 2 of the popular game, comes complete with a guild recruitment admin module.

Bad Company 2 Vietnam Theme - A grungy military styled theme.

Crysis 2 Theme - A very futuristic theme, check out the video of the amazing integrated theme features.

Multiple Gamer Theme - Suitable for any gaming site, very modern and fast loading.

All themes are of outstanding quality and all have unique features, my next release will be a Battlefield 3 Theme, so watch this space.

Clan Themes

Making Clans Look Good

Article submitted by: XGSTQ
Last Update: 03-11-2011
Category: PHP Nuke Themes

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