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Clan Themes is proud to announce our newest theme: Aion Eternity Theme


Aion : The Tower of Eternity is a very popular MMORPG (massively multiplayer on-line role-playing game) game. This theme "Aion Eternity" takes all those great features of the Aion Game and puts them into a unique one of a kind theme that will impress all of your visitors. The theme compromises of dark blues and contrasting light colours with matching PHPBB forums. The theme is a fixed width theme suitable for screen resolutions above 1024x768 and will still look great with resolutions above 1920x1200.

I have also incorporated a lot of nice features into the theme, you can take a look at the below list but I'll just mention a few; MP3 Player Module and Block, which means you can simply upload a .mp3 track in minutes and add via the Admin Interface directly to your site. I have also coded into the header the last 4 News Articles and the last 4 Forum Posts so your users can have direct access to the latest content instantly. You will also be able to link directly to the Aion Armory Syndication because I have added the Script to the theme as default, full instructions are included. The theme comes as standard with a matching skinned Flash Shout Module and Block (Only works with Ravens Nuke and Evolution Nuke)


Top Navigation Links Bar with Hover Effect (image color changes when you hover over it)
Custom Editable Header Image for your Guilds Name/Logo
Flash MP3 Player Module and Block Fully Admin Integrated (fully styled to match theme)>
4 Last Forums posts in header
4 Last News posts in header
Aion Armory Syndication Script Integration
Aion Armory Syndication Forums integration MoD included (not installed)
Aion Armory Search Block
Custom RSS Block
Flash Block Dynamic Titles
100% XHTML Complaint
100% CSS Compliant
Banner Advertisement placement in footer
Legal Module links in footer (ravens nuke only)
Matching Flash Shoutbox with Admin interface (Only works with Ravens Nuke and Evolution Nuke)
XML Image/Banner Rotating Block
Modified Center Forums Block
Tested on Ravens Nuke v2.4 and Standard Nuke v8.1
Cross browser compatibility, tested in IE 8, Mozzila 3.5 and Opera
Matching Forums template.


Blank Header Image And PSD
Matching Flash Clock
Welcome Image and Block + PSD
Your Account Images
Join Us Image and Block
Theme Fonts Used
35 Matching Avatars
7 Matching Forum Signatures
23 Matching News Topic Images
4 Aion Logos of various types
Module Title Images + PSD

You can buy the theme, or view even more images in the shop under Aion Eternity Theme

Article submitted by: XGSTQ
Last Update: 10-27-2009
Category: PHP Nuke Themes

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