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Yahoo! has launched a new video website which it hopes will out-shine competitor sites such as Google Video and YouTube. enables viewers to search for videos, browse them by category, or user-generator tags.

If a video features on another site, Yahoo! will direct them to it, otherwise, the viewer just needs to click the play button to get started.

Those who upload their videos can keep track of how many people have watched them, can read other peoples ratings, and reviews and forward content and links to friends.

Users can also transfer videos to their personal blogs or websites, create their very own “favourites” listings and display them as play lists to the public.

Jason Zajac, general manager of Social Media at Yahoo! says: "our goal is to be the starting place for finding video on the web”.

“Some Yahoo video pages will have banner ads, and eventually the site will display video ads.

"As we go forward, Yahoo! as all the systems, technology and sales people in place to run video ads as well.”“Creators of video -- from animation to live-action shorts and full-length films -- can gain access to the Web's largest global audience" by publishing on Yahoo.”

Another major attraction for users of this service will be the opportunity of ranking within Yahoo's search results.

But what sets Yahoo! apart from every other major web company that is endeavouring to make the video top spot?

With former Hollywood executive Terry Semel as its CEO, who is heavily involved with developing content partnerships, Yahoo! makes a likely contender.

But main rival Google has invested in a powerful video search tool and AOL also benefits from partner Time Warner's (NYSE: TWX) abundance of video content.

Forrester Research analyst Charlene Li told the E-Commerce Times that whichever site can provide the best service now, is likely to dominate the online video market for the sustainable future.

She said: "the ones that will win will be the ones that convince content owners they can put their material online without losing their shirts.”

"The amount of video that will be available will be staggering,"

"Whoever organizes it the best will become the preferred gateway."

Visit Yahoo Video website

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