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Yahoo! Messenger with Voice on Tuesday will introduce custom plug-in features and will now allow developers to custom made applications. Some of the highlighted plug-ins include applications for, Yahoo! 360, and eBay. My guess is we'll also see integration with Flickr and other popular community (Web 2.0) sites as well through developer-created plug-ins.

There is a small VoIP component to the announcement The new soundboard feature allows people to add short sound effects into their voice conversations, including “audience booing” and “birds chirping” sound effects. Additionally, with the Soundtrack feature, people can drag and drop MP3 music files stored on their PC and they will play as background music while they are talking to their friends. So get your DJ groove on and VoIP it up all night long!

I actually have been “wishing” for the ability for VoIP softphones to stream mp3s (and videos) for years. I also wrote in my recent “the perfect softphone” entry that I wished for the ability to stream mp3s and video from a softphone client.

I know I recommended this feature to some headset manufacturers, including Plantronics to be able to “conference” the PC connection with the telephone connection so you could stream any sounds/music using your headset and whatever PC audio software (iTunes, Microsoft Media Player, etc.) you want.

In any event, the Amazon API is quite popular with other platforms. I've used an Amazon plugin on this blog. The Yahoo! Messenger Amazon plug-in accesses this same API to view “What’s Hot” and “What’s New” across’s collection of retail categories, and makes it possible to send recommendations to other Yahoo! Messenger with Voice users in real time. People can also share their Wish Lists with one another. This new version also offers beefed-up, 1 GB Yahoo! Messenger file transfer capabilities.

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