2 More New Themes from NukeCode

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NukeCode.com is pleased to announce we have released 2 more themes. The first of which is the Baseball Theme, the second is called Sunswept. Both themes come with matching forum templates and many other extras.

You can Download Baseball Theme here or view a screenshot of it here

You Can Download Sunswept Theme Here or view a screenshot of it here

Registration is required to download.

Article submitted by: Jae_9
Last Update: 07-04-2006
Category: PHP Nuke Themes

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Re: 2 More New Themes from NukeCode

By: wishnstars @ 21:21:42 : 07-13-2006

wasent sure where to go.. but clicked on the link that said if you have any questions and it brought me here.. I was wondering where the free themes are, the place i went to click for free themes, then in the search type in what i'm looking for it says the module isent active yet..
Thanks Wish icon_razz.gif

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