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Ney Sayers Beware has been rejuvenated!

For sometime there has been a bad buzz floating around whenever someone mentioned the site name of . Stories and accusations of theme stealing, member bans, and even poor dental hygiene, have surfaced whenever someone attempted to dredged the discussion from the depths of internet hell. However, those days seem to be over entirely.

Within the previous three weeks, has under gone some serious cosmetic and lifesaving surgeries. The list of changes and modifications begins with a change in ownership all the way down to the newest of members. With the allegations of theft and malicious protection of goods, it was in the best interest of management that the former Admin “X9”, step down and retire his throne. When this decision was acted upon and young and enthusiastic leader emerged from the masses. With “Xtreme” in charge, the place began to bloom. Memberships began to increase more than 28%.

All previously “stolen” themes were handled and prices on all were thrown out the window. With over 600 free public themes and more All-Theme Custom Themes on the way, it’s one of the largest collections on the net. Product services began, to include fresh installs of all PHP-Nuke products and all upgrades in between. Began intense forum diversity from Moderators specifically set for Graphic Designs Masters to Theme Scripter’s and Converters.

With this said, once again, membership began to boom. With an ever increasing 3000+ member database and within that thousands of scripter’s, the family at has pulled one of the largest resurrection acts in all of internet history. When questioned about previous set backs in the Nuke community, all answers began with some upsetting and heart felt apologies to all who felt mistreated or taken, by the previous administration when dealing with their themes and pride work.

So to all those fellow Nuke lovers out there, make sure to stop by and check out the newly rehabilitated and rejuvenated !

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Last Update: 07-28-2006
Category: PHP Nuke Themes

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Re: Ney Sayers Beware: has been rejuvenated!

By: engineer @ 19:24:15 : 10-13-2006

I think you are wrong about the policies at I wrote the admin and asked that my themes be removed because their site does have pornographic images in the Avatar gallery. They are also displaying and offering outdated copies of my themes for download.

The result was that they banned my IP and my themes are still there.

I also believe it to be true that the old owner is the new owner.

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