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There is a new hosting alternative! We are not in the business of hosting...we do not advertise to be hosting company. However....we are an enterprize that has been around for many years.

We are simply fast, we are simply reliable, period. I run on this server. This website is about as modified as a Nuke website can possibly get. I use this site as an example because this is as slow as your site will ever be.

If you have downtime problems or slow service please check us out at

Like I said...we are not in the business of hosting so our prices are very reasonable. We merely do this to offer you a website that is fast, is always online and to help us pay our own server bills. Yes, we are a reseller of another hosting company but we take great pride in offering the fastest and most reliable service you can get from any hosting company at any price.

Please check out our plans at

We are not geared toward bigger websites...we are geared toward people like YOU that just want a website that's up all the time and can't afford alot of money.

Article submitted by: Pnclthnmstsh
Last Update: 09-07-2006
Category: Community

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Re: TOP Online Hosting

By: pnclthnmstsh @ 22:15:29 : 10-08-2006

Our last server stats show that we hiccuped one time in the last 65 days for 30 seconds. Can your server beat that? That's 100 percent uptime for over 2 months. Couple that with FTP speeds over 100 KBS you will be uploading huge files and backing up your site faster than ever (most servers average around 10 to 20 KBS) not to mention when visitors click around on your site they will see the next page instantly even on dialup. It's the best of all worlds at a great price!

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