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New community born to help web designs, and web masters. Providing tutorials, Support, News, Reviews and competitions.

Shadow Tec is in partnership with Shadow Designs. Shadow Tec is web-design community orientated mean that our members and

staff come first. In Shadow Tec you can find information and tutorials that will help you with your website. You can even

post some of your designs or websites on our forum and our members will very happily review it.

Shadow Tec was created because the main website shadow designs was not sutible to community members and was only

understandable to the novises of web-design. Shadow Tec on the other hand is a big complex community where web designers

or webmasters can find out information for there website. Shadow Tec was designed for intermediate webmasters.

Also big thanks to xtrato and his support.

Article submitted by: Davidmaran
Last Update: 10-22-2007
Category: Community

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Re: Shadow Tec New Community born!

By: DAMIAN @ 08:56:26 : 10-23-2007

hmmmm, wonder what the link is? icon_sad.gif

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