ipBan Modification

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We have launched a modification of the Nuke ipban system in Nuke.<br>
This modification allows you to import data from a cvs file into either your nuke tables or if installed

the Nuke sentinel tables.<br>The download includes some 30000 ips which we have aquired from posts on both

Nuke cops and Cops websites and the import file has been checked for both duplicate ips (removed) and

against know good ip address's.<br><br>
Whilst we should make this a free download, due to the work and time invloved we ask for a small donation

(min $1.50) for all those who wish to download it complete with import file and block (shown on our site).

Once the donation has been recieved, you will gain automatic access to the file within 24hrs<br><br>
You can find us @ kissoftware

Article submitted by: Lippylion
Last Update: 10-01-2006
Category: Security

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