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Just about all variables have been secured against sql injection by running a check on their content before inserting anything into the database tables and after having extracted anything from them as well, any module that had not been secured before has been included as well as all admin files.

Note: Nuke Patched is not intended for upgrading a previous version of PHP-Nuke, it only includes the files that have been patched, you need to get the normal version at first before you can use the patch, in essence this particular patch is meant for PHP-Nuke 8.0, you need to have PHP-Nuke 8.0 installed first before you add this patch. Nuke Patched is not intended for forks of PHP-Nuke either as these might have forum mods and modified core modules, adding Nuke Patched to these will make you lose any non-default changes in files.

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Article submitted by: Webshark
Last Update: 10-19-2006
Category: Security

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