Tag Craig Launches Article-Publicity for Webmasters

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By Fraser Raitt

New Mexico, November 7, 2006 – Tag Craig, the founder and owner of several highly successful web sites and Ted Williamson, an experienced graphic designer, are delighted to announce the launch of their latest web site, www.article-publicity.com. The new web site is the latest addition to the AICIM portfolio of highly successful web sites, and is the first to be a joint venture between the UK and the USA. “We fully expect article-publicity.com to become just as popular a site for writers and publishers to use as am-nuke.net was for web developers.” said an enthusiastic Mr. Craig.

Writers will be able to post articles to the site to be picked up and used by all sorts of publishers looking for content for their publications, while publishers will be able to select from thousands of articles that are ready for immediate use.

Mr. Williamson said, “What makes this new site different from the dozens of other sites out there is that we have an international team of professional writers, so that if someone does not have an article written, we can do that for them. Our writers have a wide range of knowledge and are also accomplished researchers, so there is no subject they can’t write about.”

The service whether you are a writer or web master is free. Anyone who writes an article for the site can choose to have their article proofread by one of the staff to ensure it is correctly formatted for instant use by publishers. “We believe this is a very important service to offer.” said Mr. Craig. “Publishers don’t want to have to proof read articles, they want to use them now. This wastes their time, and it also makes the writers look unprofessional which won’t enhance their reputation.” he added.

Another thing that makes article-publicity.com stand head and shoulders above the multiplicity of similar sites is that short story writers can use the site to publish their work. “Most article hosting sites only allow writers to submit work with a maximum word length of around 3,000 words. We’ll be letting writers submit stuff up to 8,000 words in length. This means that they can get a complete short story published, instead of only an extract.” said Mr. Williamson.

Writers will be able to bid to have their articles or books get an enhanced position on the site to increase their chances of their work being used, although they will always be able to submit their work free of charge. “We think this idea will prove to be highly popular among writers.” said Mr. Craig. “If an author wanted to get their works into print using traditional publishing methods, either they have to hawk it round different publishing houses which can prove endlessly disappointing, or they have to pay a considerable sum to have it privately published. We think that the modest fees we charge will not deter aspiring authors from submitting their work since they can see their work prominently displayed on our web site almost instantly.” continued Mr. Craig.

One of Mr. Craig’s other web sites achieved a page ranking of 7 within a few months of being launched. “I have every confidence that our new web site will prove equally popular and will probably achieve a higher page ranking even sooner than my other sites.” concluded Mr. Craig. Article-publicity.com received a ranking of 5 within its first few days.

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Last Update: 11-12-2006
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