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ResellersPanel, a pioneer in private label reseller hosting, announces that it has introduced major upgrades to its hosting platform in time for its fifth anniversary celebrations, among them a brand new file manager, a multi-currency billing solution and a new multi-store functionality.

Beside their default store, the resellers now have the opportunity to create up to three more, entirely independent of each other, free reseller web hosting stores, configured according to their specific marketing strategies. They can get a unique domain name, choose a different website template and activate a separate DNS cluster for each of the stores, which will drive brand recognition and significantly increase their reseller anonymity.

The new multi-currency billing solution, on the other hand, gives the resellers the possibility to offer web hosting and domain registration services in the five most widely used online transaction currencies and directly address the demands of a particular target audience or a specific local market.

The new file manager, which has been integrated in the web hosting control panel, boasts an entirely new, easy to navigate user-friendly interface. Beside the ability to manage multiple files and folders at once, the users now have an unprecedented opportunity to edit their files using a WYSIWYG editor and to view the changes they are making directly in a web browser in real time.

The new file manager also gives the clients the opportunity for the first time to upload .zip, .rar, .tar.gz and .gz archived files and folders, which are being automatically unpacked in the selected directory, and visually keep track of the process by means of a progress bar. Pop-up tooltips, which contain essential information about a given file or folder and display the actions that can be performed on them, self-evident file type icons and image file thumbnails have been introduced as well.

The updates to the multi-lingual hosting control panel include also the addition of the Chinese language, PHP6 support, a new domain parking option, a WHOIS/ID protection service, which allows the registrants to shield their identity against spammers and fraudsters, and a new .htaccess file generator, which offers IP authentication, hotlinking protection, SSI activation, URL redirection and custom error pages creation.

Nick Blaskov, CFO of ResellersPanel, said that five years of hard work have passed since ResellersPanel first opened the door to the whole new world of the private brand reseller web hosting services, that this special anniversary coincides also with the introduction of several important updates to ResellersPanel’s platform, such as a new file manager, which will enable the clients to handle the content of their websites more easily and efficiently, and new multi-store and multi-currency options, which will dramatically expand the marketing reach of the resellers themselves, and that ResellersPanel will continue to surprise the hosting community with newer and newer innovations beneficial for it.

About ResellersPanel

ResellersPanel has been at the forefront of reseller hosting for five years now. It is the first and to this date the only company in the web hosting business offering a completely free, fully-automated reseller hosting program, which was launched on April 2, 2003, and which has so far helped almost 100 000 resellers to set up and establish their own full-featured private label web hosting companies. Beside the free program, ResellersPanel offers also a cPanel reseller hosting program, dedicated, semi-dedicated and virtual private servers, domain name registration.

For more information, please contact ResellersPanel at:

LiquidNet Ltd.
12 Paveley Court
30 Langstone Way
Mill Hill, London NW7 1GR
United Kingdom

1 800 574 0902 US TOLL FREE
+44 (0)20 8346 5230 United Kingdom
+61-2-8003-5987 Australia

E-mail: pr @

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Last Update: 05-07-2008
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