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It's been a while since I released my previous version.
I've working with some persons for some custom jobs. So I didn't have enough time to develop this software.

Okay. Anyway, this software is not dead. Now it has a new name called "NukeFace",
and also a offical site has been opened :
Just want it to have a better future.

What's the difference betten FriendFinder V3.0 and NukeFace V3

1- NukeFace becomes a free one, however FriendFinder V3 was not free.
2- Change theme function has been added to NukeFace admin panel.
3- ability to Uninstall
4- New comments now display on user's profile.
5- New blogs entries now display on user's profile
6- Some bugs has been fixed.
7- Several Language package has been added into NukeFace

demo site:

Article submitted by: Xia
Last Update: 05-24-2008
Category: PHP Nuke Modules

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