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This software was commercial and is now offered free by Risco Cirurgico MED, we only ask to put a link back to our site in your first page.
Fully featured course management system (CMS) designed for PHP-Nuke in its new version 1.2.

Control your users, your courses and your lessons. Lessons can be Flash presentations, quizes, chats, HTML pages and downloads. Every lesson can have a forum.

You can charge for your courses and lessons, using a credits system. Use any shopping module/content page to sell credits for users.Download here.

In admin module you can

  • Create courses
    • Add lessons inside courses (lessons which are already added)

    • Teacher

    • Set course value

    • Course duration

    • Course main picture

    • Course description

    • Course medal picture (this is a picture that will be shown in Welcome Message if user has one, this is like a certificate)

  • Edit courses
    • Add more lessons
    • Change other course info

  • Add lessons
    • lessons accepted:
      • flash lesson (Articulate compatible)
      • file to download (a video, or zip file, for example)
      • HTML page (for example a phpnuke contents page)
      • quiz (multiple choice questions)
      • link (URL)
      • Survey
      • Chat room

    • Files can be hosted outside public directory, so that there will be no way to give an URL to somebody to see the lesson.
    • teacher name/info/email
    • lesson description

  • Edit lessons
    • Edit info
    • See user grades for the lesson

  • Edit user in course
    • edit user credits (add or remove)
    • edit user info
    • block and unblock user from using this module
    • send message to user
    • see every quiz and grade, and time spent answering it

  • Program configuration
    • import dollar and brazilian reais value from another site
    • select which users are teachers
    • determine value of a lesson (credits)
    • welcome message
    • send message to all users

  • task to do
    • list of all tasks to do, each one can be deleted after done.

The main module

  • First page:
    • welcome message
    • Top Ten lessons, Courses you are in, lessons that you bought and haven't seen yet
    • Show courses
    • Show lessons
    • Search lessons and courses
    • Buy credits (CCArt is included, but any module or page is possible to be used)
    • See lesson
      • Each lesson has its own link to a forum board (can use PHPNuke's or any Forum system)

    • User can grade the lesson (1 to 10) - user can do it only one time.
    • User can send to admin a note about the lesson
    • A quiz, can be aswered as many time as user wants, but after the first time, the grades will not be saved. The time that the user took to answer is also saved.
    • Chat room (uses 4nChat module)
    • "Bought lessons"
    • First time user, collects some user info, like address, user ID, another real world ID, birthdate, gender, university.
    • Edit user info
    • photo upload
    • Orientation/Help - Any link, can use PHP-Nukes own FAQ system
    • Searching
    • See course user is in
    • See all users that are in the same course.

The block

  • If the user is logged in it shows the lessons still needed to complete in the course
  • If the user is not logged in it shows the top 10 lessons (based on grade given by users) with link to them

Cron Job

  • Set a cron job to send e-mails to users remembering them when the time to finish the course is near Quiz scripts

Download here.

Article submitted by: Aamato
Last Update: 02-03-2009
Category: PHP Nuke Modules

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