Welcome Block V2

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I've released version 2 of my welcome block! The big change is that this runs on MySQL and not text files. Also, it has a DISPLAY PROJECT STATUS page which can be used to display theme or project statuses etc..Overall, very easy to setup, just run the installer and you are ready to go. Comes with a readme file too if you need help installing. I also got rid of the annoying "extra" links which not many knew how to edit.

Also this comes with a contact form which sends mails to the admin (mail address can be set in the administration section). It has SPAM protection and only REGISTERED members can post. This is editable if you want to allow non-registered to post too. Overall, a big improvement compared to the old block. Hope you guys like it.

View demo HERE
Download at This Site

Article submitted by: Kenhos22
Last Update: 07-11-2004
Category: PHP Nuke Blocks

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