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Yes thats right now offers FREE nuke hosting.. In a joint effort with Interdev gaming..... PHPNuke Hosting V1. Welcomes you to the best free PHPNuke hosting around. We don't claim to offer tons
of features, nor do we say you have tons of space but what we do say is we care about what YOU think
so the service never stops getting better Lets first explain what you have..

50MB Webspace
2gb Transfer
PHPnuke preinstalled
FTP Access.
Custom hack install.
Backup server.
No big ads or banners.

Now the rules

No porn
No harsh warez (Some mp3's are allowed)
No more than 15mp3's
We have the right to stop hosting you at any time
Backup's are only made every 2 days.


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Article submitted by: BloodStryker
Last Update: 07-12-2004
Category: PHP Nuke News

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