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Posted By: pattiyork1
Date: July 6, 2005, 4:31pm
Subject: Advertising in Yahoo
Message: While I don't have the specifics involved I do want to give everyone a heads up to what has been happening with advertising and spamming in the Yahoo gaming lobbies.
The good news is that Yahoo has decided to do something about the excessive spam bots that have been happening in their rooms. The bad news is that it's effecting those of you attempting to host tournaments.

From what we have been able to ascertain the new policies are specific to macro programs being used. If you are using a macro to advertise your league, give pairings, give rules, etc. you will probably find your ID suddenly switched to being invisible. You will still be in the room but no one will be able to see your chat.

While I cannot guarantee this information I do believe that if you are manually typing you will be safe. We don't yet know if the invisible setting is permanent or just a temporary thing. We are hoping that it is temporary and those that have already been changed will be okay again soon.

If any of you have more specific information please feel free to let us know via the Tourney Support link.

Article submitted by: Kelly_Hero
Last Update: 07-07-2005
Category: Cases Information

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