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Hello all just wanted to drop a line and say we have 15 great commercial templates and a few free templates to choose from so stop by Destine Designs ((HERE)) now and check us out if you havnt allready.

We also have great web-hosting plans and more to choose from.

So stop by Destine Designs today Destine Designs ((HERE))

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Last Update: 01-03-2006
Category: PHP Nuke News

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Re: Destine Designs @ Hosting

By: clyde4210 @ 15:37:55 : 09-13-2007

don't waste time or money on purchasing anything from destine designs. i personally gave them 200.00 usa dollars for nothing. that company is just out to get free money. they never do what they say they will do, support is awful your lucky to even get a response. all their code is out sourced to other people, then they claim the work as their own.
worst company i have ever ran across in all my years in business.

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