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Google's first cheap PC will be put on sale through its partner Walmart. The PC is based on Google's self-developed operating system, instead of Microsoft Windows, according to a report of Los Angeles Times on Jan 4.

Google's co-founder Larry Page may unveil the PC at the forthcoming International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this Friday, Los Angeles Times quoted anonymous sources as saying. Prior to this, analysts with investment bank Bear Stearns also indicated in a document that Google was preparing to launch equipment capable of Internet surfing. What is more surprising is that the Google PC is not based on Windows operating system, but on a self-developed operating system. Analysts said the system might be Linux under Google coat.

Rumors saying Google may tap into the operating system market have been heard for a long time though Google does not have imperative need to develop operating system.

The concept of Google's cheap PC is somewhat attractive at market. Some companies had attempted to produce similar products earlier but ended up with failure due to lack of funds support from big enterprise. But this is not a problem for Google. This perhaps is a driving force for Google to launch its cheap PC.

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