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We at SDDesign.BiZ are currently calling for community help and support to port our current PHP nuke themes to Post Nuke and osCommerce compatible versions.
This is not a commercial offer but rather a call for help to anyone who has the expertise for the job at hand and would like to help the community.
All of our "Non-Clan" themes will be required to be ported to these compatible versions.
The applicants must have enough expertise in both PHP nuke and either post nuke or osCommerce to perform the task. All graphical aspect of the designs will be supported by our own staff members.
Participating in this will ensure a place for the porters in our staffs list and might open up the opportunity for future commercial and exclusive work in this regards.
if you are interested please :: Contact Us ::

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Last Update: 01-30-2006
Category: PHP Nuke Themes

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