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KB Article: What Is chmod

Article:What Is chmod     Popular
Submitted By:Telli
Date Added:04-27-2004 4:57:36

Chmod levels and propertys

chmod = change mode, or change attributes of a file or directory

666 or 777, lets break that down to xyz

x (or the first digit on the left) stands for the owner of the file or dir.
y represents the group who owns the file or dir.
z represents the rest of the world

The numbers range from 0 thru 7, as defined below:

0 = no permissions enabled
1 = execute permission enabled
2 = write permission enabled
3 = 1 & 2 are both enabled
4 = read persmission enabled
5 = 1 & 4 are both enabled
6 = 2 & 4 are both enabled
7 = 1, 2, & 4 are both enabled

So a chmod 666 states that the file or dir you are changing the mode for has both read and write permissions enabled for the owner, the group, and the world.

A 777 means you have enabled read, write, and execute persmission for the owner, group, and the world.

Whereas something like this: 760 would mean you have enabled read, write, execute for owner; read, write for the group, and no persmissions for the rest of the world

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