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File Permissions and the CHMOD Command  Popular View
Description: chmod (abbreviated from change mode) is a shell command in Unix-like environments From Wikipedia,... [...]
Added on: 05-09-2005 Hits: 9575
Redirection with .htaccess  Popular View
Description: Redirect users with one line of code To redirect one page to another is extremely simple using... [...]
Added on: 04-27-2004 Hits: 6965
Denying access with .htaccess  Popular View
Description: Denying access with .htaccess Every directory protected this way should have an index.html file... [...]
Added on: 04-27-2004 Hits: 6882
Bandwidth Protection with .htaccess  Popular View
Description: Bandwidth protection Have you ever skyrocketed over your allocated bandwidth and you have no idea... [...]
Added on: 04-27-2004 Hits: 7554
Error Documents with .htaccess  Popular View
Description: Setting error documents with htaccess files First and fore most make sure your server supports the... [...]
Added on: 04-27-2004 Hits: 6993
What Is chmod  Popular View
Description: Chmod levels and propertys chmod = change mode, or change attributes of a file or directory... [...]
Added on: 04-27-2004 Hits: 8077

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