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KB Article: Error Documents with .htaccess

Article:Error Documents with .htaccess     Popular
Submitted By:Telli
Date Added:04-27-2004 5:11:16

Setting error documents with htaccess files

First and fore most make sure your server supports the file htaccess most Linux based servers do. Ok lets get dirty...

Open up your .htaccess file and enter the below changing certain parts to fit your needs.

ErrorDocument [error number] [path]

The Error number is the ID that is universal over the Internet. E.g. A file not found is a 404 message. The path is the file you would like to be directed to when this error occurs. Here is a list of the main errors that can occur:

Error in Client
Number Description
400 Bad Syntax
401 Unauthorized
402 Not Used (Payment Granted)
403 Forbidden
404 Not Found
Error in Server
500 Internal Error
501 Not Implemented
502 Overloaded
503 Gateway Timeout


ErrorDocument 404 [ Register or login to view links on this board. ]
ErrorDocument 401 [ Register or login to view links on this board. ]

You do not have to name the file after the name of the error, this is just to make it easy.

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