Review: Codezwiz is a premier site for Nuke noobies and Pros! the help here is phenominal and the people are fun to associate with, they are a poeple person group of individuals who seem to enjoy what they do, And they do it well! there's a lot I could say about the Codezwiz site and it crew but there is not enough space in this box or time in a day to list all the relevant plusses there are for a webmaster, webmistress or potential site owner to come here so I hope this small token of my apprecition by way of giving a good word and my personal sseal of approval suffices the need for any further answers to any further questions about this site and the group of people who stand or even sit behind it! There aren't many sites you get the kind of one on one attention that you get when you come here and especially for the price they ask which is nothing, not one red cent. And you can't beat that with a stick!
Added: December 18th 2005
Reviewer: TekSerMan
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