Haunted Tales Opens!

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We are introducing the opening of a brand new site called Haunted Tales. It is a very interesting site with so much to offer. Here is a little info on the website. Stop by and check things out. Feedback is welcome. Hauntedtales.net is a place for those interested in the paranormal. We have many areas of discussion including ghosts, angels, ufos, and anything that is considered unexplained. We have a large collection of ghost stories and other information for you to explore. We welcome your personal accounts and photos for display and discussion. We also have added a new map for you to add your favorite haunted locations to. This site is just opening its doors to the public. We have been assembling it for quite a while so that there would be a full site for you to explore. We encourage all of you to come and look around. We look forward to discussing your personal experiences and well as those of you who are non-believers. Come join our community, it's easy and 100% free. Visit Haunted Tales Here

Article submitted by: Jennifer
Last Update: 06-17-2006
Category: Community

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