LD Reseller Module

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LD Reseller Module, allows phpnuke sites to become free hosts,
by LD Software.

* This module is simple to install.
* This module is easy to use.
* This module is design specifically for use with Byethost Free Host Reseller Program.
* This module is design to work phpnuke 7.9 or above.

You can your your free copy from LD Software Downloads.

Support for this module can be found at the LD Software Support Forum.

Registration is required to download from LD Software, which is free.

All phpnuke downloads at LD Software are free to download and are released under GPL.

Article submitted by: Affamole
Last Update: 11-15-2007
Category: PHP Nuke Modules

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Re: LD Reseller Module

By: ispgeek @ 23:45:51 : 01-01-2008

While this is a great concept it lacks a few things and a couple of others really bother me....a whole bunch.

1). The coding of the module (user interface) is incomplete, the top bottoms are not functional, the side text is (right side advert) is hard coded and needs to be modified in an editor, it should be easily accessed through the admin panel.

2). The module appears to be hard coded to set up free hosting accounts through LD software's reseller account which means they potentially receive profit from someone who gets a free account and then upgrades through them. While this is great for LD Software it does nothing for any of us who own websites and would like to do the same. I found all this out by setting up an account with their FREE reseller provider. I have posted a request for them to make the rest of the code available so we can mod it with our own reseller accounts but have yet to receive a reply. So understand what you are getting when you install this module.

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